Solar PV Battery Storage

Did you know that you could increase your self consumption of on-site generated electricity by up to 80%* with a battery storage solution? Why not use more of your own generated solar electricity and reduce your electric bill even further!

Battery storage systems can be fitted in a day** for most domestic properties so the savings start the next generation day, why delay make contact with us today.

Energy storage is not a new concept. Storing the excess electricity generated by your solar panels can increase your self consumption (the solar power you generate and use within the home) up to 80%, further reducing your reliance on the national grid.

Solar panels generate electricity in daylight hours. Now you can store the solar power you generate during the day in batteries to enable access to self generated power for longer, sometimes even into the early hours of the morning!

As the PV system generates power, any excess energy not consumed by the house, is stored by your battery storage system. as the load increases or the clouds come over, the batteries will support your electricity demand, prior to drawing power from the grid. Then, when solar generation exceeds demand once more, the batteries re-charge and cycle begins again.

Later in the day, as the sun sets and solar generation declines, your PV Solar storage solution uses its stored power to provide solar generated energy into the evening.

As the PV Solar storage solution is depleted the national grid supply seamlessly and automatically re-connects to supply your home.

With a user-friendly, comprehensive monitoring programme and mobile app, the system will also provide greater insight into your electrical consumption and solar generation, enhancing your solar panel system and putting you in control.

**As certified installers of TESLA POWERWALL and several other battery storage manufacturers we can offer specialist advice and assistance to ensure you receive the battery storage system most suited to your home, electrical usage profile and PV array design.**

Our battery storage solutions are available in multiple size options, with or without an electrical back-up facility and are retro-fittable to 99% of solar PV systems including micro-inverter systems.  Call us today for advice and further information.

Use more self generated solar power

Save even more as energy costs increase

Reduce fuel bills even further

Minimise reliability on grid power

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*   Subject to system size and site usage
** Subject to survey

“From the beginning of the order process we had a prompt and professional service in putting our quote together, kept in touch with us throughout our decision making without being pushy and was happy to answer all of our many questions! Not only this, but the price was very reasonable in relation to other quotes we received. Mike Costigan Ltd really appreciate getting your best price on the original quote rather than quoting higher so that it can come down when pushed! Following on from this, the scaffolding sub-contractors were also very good and your Solar PV  installation engineers were fantastic, polite, well presented and hard working. What more can you ask for? Please pass on our thanks to your team”