Solar PV Services

MCS accredited Solar PV installers, Forest Electrical are specialists in the design, installation and commissioning of domestic and commercial Solar PV installations, combining expert knowledge with outstanding personalised service.

Battery Storage

Solar panels generate electricity in daylight hours. Now you can store the solar power you generate during the day to maximise the use of your own free electricity and increase your self consumption with a Solar PV Battery storage solution.

Electrical Services

As NICEIC Approved Contractors, Forest Electrical provide a full range of commercial and industrial electrical services and is able to accommodate contracts of any size. Professional, reliable and friendly, we aim to provide a quality service every time.

Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Optimisation is a well established technology proven to save on electricity costs, reduce carbon emissions and protect your plant and equipment. By intelligently managing incoming mains voltage your premises operates at greater efficiency.

Our business is built on recommendations from our customers and is based on high standards. We aim to provide an prompt response, efficient service and a first class job.

Forest Electrical Services Ltd

NICEIC approved Contractors, Forest Electrical have established a reputation for quality Electrical Contracting services throughout the South West region and beyond.

Our wide-ranging and longstanding client base is testament to our commitment to customers’ requirements and flexible service delivery. Offering highly skilled and professional engineers to conduct all aspects of electrical installation, testing and inspection, our customers know they can reply our expertise and industry knowledge.

Our MCS accredited Solar PV installations and Solar Maintenance services are available for both Commercial and Domestic clients, all installations are conducted to exacting standards.

Our Company can accommodate contracts of any size and complexity. Enquiries are welcome from all types of organisations including; utilities, industry, manufacturing, construction, retail and local authorities.

Latest News

Tesla Powerwall 2 – Are you storing your solar?

January 2018 has proved to be a busy start to the New Year for the team of engineers at Forest Electrical Services Ltd, with more solar PV and Tesla Powerwall 2 home storage battery installations. Capable of storing up to 13.5kWp of solar generation, customers benefit from vastly increased solar self-consumption, supplying households with free electricity into the night, sometimes for a whole 24hours. With the Powerwall App monitoring the generation and battery storage use, homeowners gain control of their energy profile. With its own built-in inverter, the Powerwall 2 can be installed with a new solar PV array [...]

Customers keen to improve self consumption with additional Solar PV and Tesla Powerwall home storage

Forest Electrical are busy rolling out the Tesla Powerwall home battery storage system to customers with existing solar PV arrays alongside those new domestic customers keen to take the opportunity of the remaining Feed in Tariff subsidies. Solar electricity can now be stored for later use, rather than exported to the grid and then purchased to supply household demand when the solar generation is low. The Powerwall integrates seamlessly with existing PV arrays as well as with new PV systems to provide a sleek, yet robust storage solution to help future-proof household running costs. The [...]

Commercial Solar PV-generate your own electricity

Forest Electrical Services Ltd have always believed in the power of solar PV for the commercial sector. With a readily available expanse of roof space for solar panels, large electricity loads ready to use the power generated by the roof and the constant need to reduce spend on energy consumption, Solar PV is a winner. Just 35-40 panels (10kWp) on a commercial roof could save you £1200 a year in electricity and generate around £645 in FiT subsidy - that's almost £37,000 over the 20 year scheme lifetime (excluding inflation!) With carbon grants available to offset up to 30% of [...]

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“Forest Electrical offer good value for money, professional and respectful electrical engineering support. The solar PV systems fitted on our premises were completed in a timely and efficient manner and their PV Maintenance service offers us peace of mind whilst maintaining our green investment.”

Somerdale International Ltd June 21, 2016

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