Solar PV Maintenance


Whilst your solar PV requires minimal maintenance, to ensure your solar PV array provides you with the most efficient energy generation we recommend that the system is serviced regularly. Several FIT licencees are also now requesting proof of maintenance during their 2-3 yearly meter reading checks.

Our maintenance service offers a thorough electrical & component check-up by a qualified electrician to ensure you continue to receive the best return on your investment.

Included in our standard service package*:

  • Visual inspection of panels, inverter & cables (AC/DC) (subject to access)
  • Performance parameters & functional operation analysis (including inverter error log)
  • DC performance test on PV strings
  • Isolator Earth loop test (AC side)
  • Electrical connections check for damage, corrosion & security
  • AC & DC cable & component check for damage, corrosion & security
  • Earth bonding conformance check
  • Label & notice check/replacement of worn labels
  • Cleaning as required of connections, vents, filters & cooling fans, as per manufacturers guide
  • System maintenance report

Our standard service package: £145 + VAT per property (max 16/4kWp panel system)

Our commercial service package: £395 + VAT per 10-50kWp system

System maintenance above 50Kwp Priced on application

Call us to book your service on: 01823 480905

Or email us at:

Terms and conditions*

Pre-payment required to secure appointment.

Price excludes any further remedial work as may be required following inspection.

For advice on upgrading or improving your existing solar PV system, call us to discuss the available options.

The following adaptations to your system design could increase your solar generation, improve your FiT payments and reduce your exported electricity, improving your self consumption:

  • Water heating diverters – use excess solar generation to heat your hot water immersion
  • solar edge panel optimisers – enhance the solar yield per panel & monitor your solar PV array
  • battery storage solutions – see our page dedicated to solar PV battery storage to find out more

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