As an approved framework supplier to a large Water supply Company, Forest Electrical were delighted to be awarded the contract to install 40+ small wind turbines to remote rural sites throughout the region. The project involved surveying each site and designing a suitable sustainable energy turbine(s) system to provide power for charging the onsite batteries required to support the load of the site. The tuCharge control cabinetrbines were needed to work in conjunction with the existing solar PV panels to supplement the batteries during winter time as the batteries would discharge during poor weather. Bespoke anti-vibration mounting brackets were manufactured for the mounting of the mast to a high security kiosk together with a guy rope configuration for particular sites significantly exposed to the effects of extreme weather conditions. In addition to this, a specialist charge control distribution cabinet was designed and manufactured in house for all sites to integrate both technologies into the power supply. The project involved civil works as trenches and earthing systems were required to be laid, all of which was carried with our own direct labour force.

Maundown turbines