The Zappi Charger  – Power your EV with or without solar PV

Installing a Zappi EV charger, from MyEnergi allows EV owners to power their car utilising excess solar PV power from their roof, charging their car for FREE…but that’s not all. If you have yet to take advantage of the benefits of solar PV, the clever Zappi charger, with its choice of 5m or 8m tethered charging cable is still ideal to provide grid power to your EV via a timer or in fast-mode.

Available to suit all EV models, the compact unit also has a graphical back lit display screen to demonstrate the charge mode and power usage information along with an historical data log.

Installed along with the Harvi wireless sensor (allowing power communication without fixed wiring and therefore increased flexibility in where to site your Zappi) the system harvests grid or self generated power to charge your EV in one of 3 ways to suit your home and lifestyle.

Comes with a 3 year warranty and is OLEV approved for up to £500/vehicle.

Watch this video link to interview with Robert Llewellyn from Fully Charged and Jordan from manufacturer MyEnergi to find out more…