Another Solar PV array extension and Tesla battery storage system installed by our engineers recently, despite the changes to the FiT subsidy tariff.

The installation featured here comprises an additional 6kWp of solar PV and incorporates Solar Edge optimisers to combat shade implications and maximise annual solar yield.

By extending your original solar PV system, you can generate even more free electricity. This can be stored in the solar battery, ready to use when the sun goes down. The Tesla Powerwall 2 is not only aesthetically pleasing and a great piece of engineering, it stores up to 13.5Kwh of power, enabling you to effectively go off-grid completely.

Over-panelling, as it is commonly known, requires the support of your network provider and cannot be completed without approval. However advances in technology and export limitation, effectively eliminating risk to the grid infrastructure (equipment testing has to meet approved parameters) mean additional panels can be added to your system to increase your generation potential.

Add to that system monitoring in real-time, a visual display of your solar generation, load profile and battery status, you are fully in control of your own power supply.

If you have the roof-space available, contact us for more information on extending your solar PV system. Get in touch before 1st October when plans to increase VAT on renewable energy installations may come into force.  Forest Electrical will liaise with your network provider at system design stage to ascertain the most appropriate system size to meet your requirements.

For more information, please contact us 01823 480905 or fill in our contact form.