Why should you monitor your Solar PV generation online?

Solar PV arrays can now be monitored in real-time, thereby giving you valuable insight into your generation and system yield to help you manage your power usage profile.

In the early days of solar PV (installations between 2010 and 2016) only a few systems were equipped with online monitoring capabilities.  These days a simple upgrade to your PV inverter with the addition of a Wifi card, a data stick or internet module means you can visibly see the solar power you produce from your roof, anytime, anywhere.

Major manufacturers including, Fronius, ABB, SMA & Solis all offer products enabling the solar PV owner to install a monitoring option. Typically, this provides a connection to an online portal and visibility into your solar production.

The portals offer user-friendly intuitive platforms, displaying a variety of key energy performance metrics. These include lifetime production, monthly, weekly, real-time data and CO2 offset.  Some systems enable you to input your energy costs, presenting predicted financial savings based on your usage/generation.

In addition, monitoring options can pro-actively alert system owners if a problem arises, subsequently minimising downtime and improving your system efficiency.

Systems work across desk-top and mobile devices, IOS and Android operating systems and can even be displayed on your watch!

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