Illuminate with LED

Commercial upgrades to LED Lighting are the next big agenda item for business premises. To meet demand, Forest Electrical Services Ltd have partnered with the UK's leading experts in LED lighting to offer a "Pay as you Save" LED replacement lighting solution with zero up front cost. Savings made in electricity running costs alone more [...]

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Domestic Solar-still offering great value

The government subsidy in the form of the Feed in Tariff may have reduced but the returns and value offered by a domestic solar PV array are still much more than the majority of bank accounts.  Homeowners are still very keen to save £600-£800 a year on their electricity bills and make the most of [...]

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Tesla Powerwall Home Energy Storage

September has been a busy month so far. Delighted to have achieved Certified Installer status for Tesla Powerwall home energy storage systems, Forest Electrical are busy rolling out the Powerwall batteries to customers with existing solar PV arrays alongside those new domestic customers keen to take the opportunity of the remaining Feed In Tariff subsidies. Solar [...]

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Electrical Installation – Brecknell Willis, Chard

When a quick turnaround and a professional team were required at local Transport Electrification company, Brecknell Willis in Chard Somerset recently, they contacted Forest Electrical Services Ltd following recommendation from a client. Once approved as a framework supplier and having completed all Health and Safety, CDM & Site Induction requirements swiftly and successfully, work commenced within [...]

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Solar Battery Storage

Energy storage is not a new concept, now it is very simple to add a storage system to almost any existing solar PV array and significantly increase the self consumption of site generated electricity. Recently installed to a local domestic property is a 5kW  multifunction inverter/charger together with an 18kWh Lead gel battery pack. The existing [...]

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Wind Turbine project

As an approved framework supplier to a large Water supply Company, Forest Electrical were delighted to be awarded the contract to install 40+ small wind turbines to remote rural sites throughout the region. The project involved surveying each site and designing a suitable sustainable energy turbine(s) system to provide power for charging the onsite batteries required [...]

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Listed Council Buildings-Guildhall, Chard

  The Grade 2 Listed historic Guildhall in Chard, Somerset, has recently completed the installation of a 10kWp solar PV array (40 panels) to its rear, East/West facing roof. Following a successful planning and listed building application process, permission was granted for the installation to proceed on the zinc formed, hand-cut roof behind the beautiful [...]

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