We have recently been made aware, by several of our loyal customers, of a postal campaign informing them that their solar PV system may be faulty and must be serviced, inspected and/or should be upgraded.   Some clients have also been informed that Forest Electrical Services are no longer conducting work on Solar PV installations and are unable to support their systems.

Please be assured Solar PV continues to be a strong area of business for our company and our MCS certification is testament to the quality of service we offer.  Renewable energy technologies are constantly evolving and developing and we will offer and install only the most appropriate and reliable of system solutions for our clients.

Points to consider:

1-It is a good idea to have your solar PV array serviced every 3-5 years, but only via a reputable, accredited solar PV engineer. This will ensure your system continues to deliver at its best.

2 – To organise a service of your solar PV array, always make an appointment, never accept on the spot inspections from someone on the doorstep high pressure sales tactics.

3 – DO NOT set up payment schedules or agreements in advance. Some clients, having made an appointment for a supposedly “free PV service” were then requested to set up a standing order for future payments, please be cautious!

4 – A PV system installed by Forest Electrical Services would have been specifically designed for your property at the time of installation, in order to produce the maximum potential solar yield. Whilst there are upgrade options available (a new inverter for older systems or solar edge optimisers for example) it is highly unlikely that upgrades will generate the exaggerated increases in solar yield promised by these companies. If you would like to discuss ways to ensure you get the most from your solar system, please do contact us and we can offer advice accordingly.

5 – Any company offering such solar PV services or upgrades should be accredited with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and abide by the RECC consumer  code, familiarise yourself with these agencies and look for their logos on paperwork or documentation.

6 – Forest Electrical Services, MCS and RECC have not supplied your contact details to any third party and not associated in any way with companies using high pressure sales tactics.  Both MCS and RECC have advised anyone concerned about the content or tone of these letters to contact them and report the company concerned.  Even if you are not taken in, someone else may be.