Forest Electrical are busy rolling out the Tesla Powerwall home battery storage system to customers with existing solar PV arrays alongside those new domestic customers keen to take the opportunity of the remaining Feed in Tariff subsidies.

Solar electricity can now be stored for later use, rather than exported to the grid and then purchased to supply household demand when the solar generation is low.

The Powerwall integrates seamlessly with existing PV arrays as well as with new PV systems to provide a sleek, yet robust storage solution to help future-proof household running costs.

The system comprises a Lithium Ion battery, housed in a weather-proof container for indoor or outdoor mounting, offered with a 10 year product warranty.

The added bonus of intelligent cloud based monitoring is a real plus.

Providing insight into your PV production and household electricity consumption whilst displaying the power flow between the PV array, storage (hot water or battery), grid and house loads as well as tracking real-time system data is all presented in an easy to read format.  Households are operating practically off-grid until the early hours of the morning.

For more information on the Tesla Powerwall, don’t delay – call us today on 01823 480905